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First I should probably warn you, I do have adult ADD and can be scatter-brained some days more than others. Some days how I manage to function at all is a baffling mystery to me. My attention span on a bad day is probably five minutes. I may be listening to you for longer than that but ask me ten minutes after the conversation what you just said and unfortunately I may have no clue. There are more good days than bad now though for which I have to give some of the credit to the Adderall XR.

Certain events have transpired in the last few months with some of the people in my life who were helping me in a professional or semi-professional capacity. These events not only affected their lives drastically but in turn affected every one of their clients in one way or another. For some, including myself, it has added new emotional trauma to already existing severe abandonment issues.

As much as I have felt hurt over the last few months, what ultimately pushed me to start this blog was the two things happening almost back to back. In my few days of numbness before I could feel the anger or anything else I had a sort of epiphany. In the grand scheme of life it may not be huge but I realized there is a lack of understanding about certain things in the mental health system. There is lack of knowledge due to very limited education on select topics, and lack of understanding of clients or patients feelings mostly because there are simple things that no one bothers to ask clients before making decisions even when they know their decisions could be traumatic to the client.

There are too many people in different professional fields who do not understand how to deal with someone who has multiple personality disorder. I am sure the same goes for other mental health issues as well and I am not discounting other disorders in any way. I am mainly focusing on my own experiences for now. I created this blog last December I believe but had only made one post that has now been deleted since my focus has recently been redirected to writing about these things that I feel really need to be said “out loud”.